Monday, 8 July 2013

'all in a row' by jaz_on_tour

all in a row by jaz_on_tour
all in a row, a photo by jaz_on_tour on Flickr.

Well the week has started well. I took my boy to the music group he loves, we went to a picnic in the park to celebrate a first birthday, we got the paddling pool out for the first time this summer, we had a sneaky barbecue for dinner and during what turned out to be an extra long nap time I decided to ignore the housework, sit in the garden and read my book. Trust me this is something that never usually happens. I'm also happy because I got lots of laundry done. I love doing laundry in weather like this as it's so nice to be able to hang clothes outside to dry. This has inspired my choice of photo tonight. Not only do I like hanging washing out on the line I also kind of like pictures of it. I love the pureness off this image. The laundry is such a bright white. The detail of the wood on the pegs is perfect and it definitely looks like it's a bright sunny day.

Here's to a week filled with sunshine!

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