Friday, 12 July 2013

'sunrise' by takekazu

sunrise by takekazu
sunrise, a photo by takekazu on Flickr.

It's been a funny old week. The days have been amazing and we've had such fun the sun but by the evening I have been completely shattered and feeling rubbish. I even took myself off to bed shortly after 9 o'clock the other night. It was still light outside! Anyway, not feeling quite so tired tonight (perhaps that's because it was cloudy this morning!) so thought I'd get a quick blog post done.

I love this so much. That sunrise is just beautiful and I love the sparkly sun peeping out from beneath the wing. Considering I simply cannot sleep on planes this is the kind of view I would see on a night flight. Yes, I'm the one opening the blind to peek outside when everyone else is sleeping in the dark. Also this photo makes me want to go on holiday. Even though we got an term time priced holiday at the beginning of June it's a bit annoying we've been away already this summer as I'm going to spend the next few months on Instagram, Facebook etc being jealous of everyone's holiday snaps!

Hope the sun is shining where you are and you all have a wonderful weekend!

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