Sunday, 28 July 2013

'Sunrise over Rayleigh, Essex, 12 Nov 12' by Deptford Draylons

And so ends another lovely summer weekend. The past two days were full of variety. We started off by selling loads of baby things at a nearly new sale and it feels great to finally start making some space in the loft. Then Grandpa came to stay which excited my children very much and also meant that my husband and I actually went out on Saturday night TOGETHER! This is something that doesn't happen very often. And today was mainly spent in Ikea, which for me is a treat not a chore!

Here's a photo that I've been wanting to share here for ages as it's simply stunning. It looks like the sky is on fire. It can be hard to capture something beautiful like this and do it justice but this photographer appears to have completely succeeded.

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