Monday, 22 July 2013

'Shoreham Airport Tower' by Gordon Haws

Shoreham Airport Tower by Gordon Haws
Shoreham Airport Tower, a photo by Gordon Haws on Flickr.

Today we had a brilliantly spontaneous afternoon. My husband decided that it was far too hot to be at work and took a half day's holiday. When he got come home we jumped in the car and off we went. We weren't actually a hunded percent sure where we were off too,we just knew the general direction. In the end we stopped at Shoreham Airport to watch the planes landing and taking off. Both the kids loved it and I highly recommend it for a visit if you're ever in the area. Parking is a pound but other than that it's free unless you want to eat or drink in the lovely cafe/restaurant/bar. This isn't a sponsored post by the way, we just really loved it there and wanted to share!

After that we decided to head to the beach. Once again we weren't sure which beach we were going to go to but we ended up stopping in Lancing just because they had pretty beach huts. Photos to follow shortly! It was lovely on the beach though and we ended up staying much longer than we planned. The best bit was being able to paddle in the sea. My little boy REALLY loved doing that as well! In fact he just wanted to keep going further and further in!

And to finish off the afternoon we headed on to Worthing where we treated ourselves to pizza for dinner before heading home tired and happy. It was such a wonderful day made even more exciting by the whole spontaneity of it.

Here is the coolest picture of Shoreham airport I could find. It's a rather fancy looking Art Deco building which makes the whole airport feel rather grand even thought it's just an airport for little planes. I love what the photographer has done to this image. The colours work really well. Especially that lovely sky.

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