Friday, 19 July 2013

'Lifestyle Beach Hut' by brent.darby

Lifestyle Beach Hut by brent.darby
Lifestyle Beach Hut, a photo by brent.darby on Flickr.

I've realised I've not posted anything here since Sunday. I knew it had been a few days but I didn't realise it had been that long. I completely blame the gorgeous weather. It's just too hot to contemplate doing anything unless it's really necessary. I feel I should post something about my children though as I have been bursting with pride this week. It was my daughter's last day at pre-school this week and they had a little graduation ceremony for them. The teachers said such wonderful things about her and although I'm really sad I won't be taking her there any more I know that she is completely ready for big school and I'm excited about the new chapter in her life. That's not to say I won't sob a little when I drop her off on her first day!

And I want to mention my son as well as he had his one year check up today (a bit late as he's almost 15 months) and he is progressing brilliantly at all things baby and toddler! Might need to do something about his confidence though as he has far too much. Today his favourite game was climbing onto the sofa and then falling head first off it! Thank goodness we have a lot of cushions!

Anyway, I want to wish you a lovely weekend. I hope there weather where you are is as lovely as it is here. I shall leave you with a fantastic photo which just shows a perfect beach scene. I feel all relaxed just looking at it!

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