Sunday, 2 December 2012

'Kitty gift' by Lisa-Mari

Kitty gift by Lisa-Mari
Kitty gift, a photo by Lisa-Mari on Flickr.
This photo is for my husband. He wanted to put the Christmas tree up today but for me it's way too early. I am starting to feel festive but if the decorations went up now I'd be bored of them by 25th December. I would happily wait a couple more weeks and literally put them up the week before Cheidtmas but we've compromised and the tree is going up next weekend. We have family visiting and the school nativity so it does make sense.

In the mean time I hope my dearest hubby will enjoy looking at this gorgeous tree instead. I love how this has been taken. The fairy lights have been captured so perfectly. And talking about light, I think what I love most is the blue glow you can see outside as it's such a contrast to the warm and coziness inside.

What about you? Is your tree up?

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