Friday, 30 November 2012

'p is for pink' by paper pastries

p is for pink by ♥ paper pastries
p is for pink, a photo by ♥ paper pastries on Flickr.
My husband has been away with work this week and although I missed him loads I've had a lovely time with my two children. They've been so well behaved and lovely. I did wonder whether solo parenting for that long would leave me reaching for the gin every night (I don't even drink gin) but I had nothing to worry about because they have been great and so much fun. I shouldn't have expected anything less really. I am pleased that my husband is home now though and our family is complete again. Although I think I may miss having the bed to myself tonight. It's funny how differently I sleep when I'm on my own.

This photo has nothing to do with anything really, it's just really pretty and what's the internet without pretty pictures?

Happy weekend everyone.

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