Saturday, 15 December 2012

'Olney window' by Clive Wagner

Olney window by Clive Wagner
Olney window, a photo by Clive Wagner on Flickr.
I just had to blog tonight as I needed somewhere to express my amazement at how well today's Christmas shopping went. We needed to head out to the shops to get a few bits an pieces so we went to our local town centre. On driving past the car park we usually park in we noticed a huge queue so we thought we'd try elsewhere. For some unknown reason we thought we'd try out a tiny little car park that is always full. Amazingly, there was a space. We didn't even have to wait for someone to leave it was just sitting there all empty. Result!

After a trip to the library and a few shops we decided to have lunch. We were going to grab a coffee shop sandwich but a spare of the moment desiscion meant we had a delicious pizza for lunch at Ask. We felt that we were going to need to get our strength up, after all the next stop was going to be Tesco!

There were more nice surprises at Tesco though. For a start it wasn't really any busier than a normal Saturday and once again we struck gold parking when we got a parent and child space straight away. Then the shop was actually quite quiet. But the best bit was that both our children were complete angels the whole way round. Usually one or both of them get bored.

So all in all we were very pleasantly surprised today. Whoever said that the shops at Christmas are a nightmare didn't know what they were talking about.

Oh and the photo.... I love this. So festive and lovely and definitely looks like a place I'd like to go shopping. It also looks really cozy even though we are on the outside in the cold looking into the warm shop.

I hope you are all having a good weekend.

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