Monday, 17 December 2012

'Silver bokeh' by LindaScannell

Silver bokeh by LindaScannell
Silver bokeh, a photo by LindaScannell on Flickr.
This time next week it'll be Christmas Eve which I think is very exciting. Christmas Day itself is always fantastic but the night before is definitely the most magical time of the festive season. I've always felt that way even before children but since become a parent it's even more exciting for obvious Father Christmas related reasons!

I found it very hard to choose a photo to share with you tonight. Whilst looking for festive images all the ones that really caught my eye were ones of baubles! I hadn't realised I was so obsessed with them. Or perhaps they are just the prettiest thing about Christmas! I did love this one though. I love it's simplicity and of course it wouldn't be Christmas without a bit of sparkle.

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  1. Looking forward to Christmas, now all we need is a bit of snow.


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