Thursday, 27 December 2012

'Snow!' by Hugrun Lena

Snow! by Hugrún Lena
Snow!, a photo by Hugrún Lena on Flickr.
Did you all have a fantastic Christmas? I really hope you did because mine was wonderful. In fact I have loved the whole festive season. We've done so much and been really busy and it's been great. Christmas Day itself was just brilliant. It was definitely made extra special by the children who had such great time. Naturally my four year old was super excited but I was really surprised by how much my eight month old got into the Christmas spirit too. He definitely knew it was a special day. He was a bit of cliche because he did spend a lot of time playing with the packaging and the wrapping paper. But the funniest thing was bedtime. Usually he's so tired by the end of the day and completely out like a light but that day he took ages to settle and just wanted cuddles. I genuinely think didn't want to be left alone. I think he would rather have been downstairs continuing the celebrations.

Anyway, there so much I could write about Christmas but I'll stop now and look forward to the next few days chilling at home with family and friends. It's sort of a shame there is no snow forecast as that would have finished off the holidays perfectly, especially as we don't really have to get anywhere in a hurry. I love this snowy Christmas photo as it really has captured the magic of freshly fallen snow. I love it when it snows at night like this. It makes everything just seem so peaceful.

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  1. Yes, a bit of snow would be lovely, but it only seems to be rain that's forecast at the moment.


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