Thursday, 6 December 2012

'mince pies' by sarahabnett

mince pies by sarahabnett
mince pies, a photo by sarahabnett on Flickr.
The trouble with Christmas is that I'm not a big fan of Christmas food such as mince, pies, fruit cake or Christmas pudding. Or anything really with dried fruit or marzipan. I make up for it though by eating lots of chocolate and instead on mince pies I always make sure I have a box of apple pies in the house.

Although, I must admit I am coming round to the idea of Christmas pudding. I tasted a spoonful from my husband's plate during our meal out earlier this week and it was actually rather nice.

And then I see gorgeous photos like this that really make me fancy a mince pie. I know I won't like it but these look so delicious I could be tempted into trying one. I am very impressed that the photographer managed to actually get a photo of these without scoffing the lot! I bet it wasn't a long photo session!

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