Saturday, 22 December 2012

'329/365 - Festive Monkey' by Samantha Warren Photography

You know what makes me chuckle? Christmas jumpers! I find it funny how they are rather trendy this year. The reason this amuses me is that in years to come people won't recall that this was the year that Christmas sweaters were cool. There will just be lots of old photographs of people in really cheesey jumpers and people just asking themselves "what was I thinking?".

The same goes for Movember! It's obviously a fantastic cause but Movember won't happen every year forever and like with the sweaters there will be lots of photographic evidence of bad moustaches and no way of reminding people that it was honestly just for charity.

I think this photo is perfect to accompany my thoughts on festive fashions. It's a very well taken and composed picture but what I love the most is Monkey's Christmas jumper. We have one of these Monkey toys at home but his top is nowhere near as cool as this one.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. I hope you are having a lovely and festive weekend. Only three more sleeps!

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