Friday, 30 September 2011

'Summer Reading.' by Miss Sydney Marie

Summer Reading. by Miss Sydney Marie
Summer Reading., a photo by Miss Sydney Marie on Flickr.

Today I went out in shorts and flip flops. What's that's all about? It's October tomorrow. It's a weird sensation being so hot at this time of year. Mentally I'm ready for snuggling up in the jumpers and boots. I guess I'd better try and enjoy it while it lasts though, apparently we may see snow in October! Where's the regular autumn gone?

I think this is a great summer photo. It's just the way I'd love to spend a sunny afternoon. Before my daughter was born I used to spend a lot of time sitting outside with a good book. In fact this could be me, I even have a hat like this! This is definitely a photo I'll be revisiting to warm me up when the cold weather does come.


  1. Lovely shot. I know I never read in the sun anymore since children. I don't have time! I'm loving this warm weather though x

  2. Ah I remember those days, I never read in the sun anymore either, actually I don't read as much now anywhere - always online!


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