Thursday, 22 September 2011

'Skydiving Nov 2009, 7 way sunset load over the Florabama' by divemasterking2000

I mentioned yesterday that I love going up high things in cities. I like seeing views that go on for miles. I'm not scared of heights and I'm the person you'll find jumping up and down on the glass floor in places like the CN Tower in Toronto. However, as much as I love these things I can't ever see myself jumping out an aeroplane like in this photo. Quite frankly it looks terrifying. I am sure it's an awesome feeling but I just don't think I ever bring myself to do it. Although if anything did convince me it'd be this picture. It just looks like it's so peaceful up there. The view is fantastic and the sky is beautiful. My favourite bit is the other skydivers. They do look like they're just hanging out casually having a chat over a cup of coffee. Actually it looks quite relaxing!


  1. Amazing view,
    This summer I'll go for the sky diving

  2. OMG I'm terrified of heights but that does look spectacular xx


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