Thursday, 8 September 2011

'yarn' by ·meisi·

yarn by ·meisi·
yarn, a photo by ·meisi· on Flickr.

I have a huge wool stash which is sitting around doing nothing. I worked out that I've not really done any knitting in about four years. This led me to make the decision that it might be time to hide it away somewhere such as the loft - I wouldn't be able to bring myself to actually get rid of it as I WILL knit again one day and I WILL learn to crochet! However, after making this big decision today I then went and saw three things that made me question my plans.

Firstly I spotted an advert in the local paper for a new wool shop that had opened near me and I couldn't help but get excited. I love have a good rummage through all the different yarns and pretending to myself I'm going to knit something fantastic. Then I stumbled across this gorgeous photo. I love all the colours. They're just so bright and pretty. I want all these balls of wool. And a pretty chairs like this to keep them on of course. And then finally I just saw this blog post. I have been thinking about getting some letters for my daughter's room and this is a fantastic idea.

Now, what on earth am I meant to do? I think the wool gods might be trying to tell me something........

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