Wednesday, 21 September 2011

'London Eye & Big Ben at sunset' by Harshil.Shah

Here's another beautiful London image for you to have a look at. The colour of the sky is great and the London Eye and the buildings look like they could be cut out of black paper and stuck on to a gorgeous painted background. The composition of this is great too. It makes the London Eye look really huge and I love the tiny little people in the pods.

I have been on the London Eye but it was years ago and I don't think I even took any photos. I'd love to go up again at some point as I love going up high things in cities. I'll make sure I have my camera next time too!


  1. That is beautiful. A real iconic photo of London.

  2. Scrolling through your photos is always a pleasure for me, love this shot of London as I adore London.

  3. I was on the Eye last week and took loads of photos, it was really nice to be on it at dusk. p.s. I've got tickets for the London Eye to giveaway at mine, you should enter :)


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