Tuesday, 20 September 2011

'Bowling' by Me

Bowling by PhotoPuddle
Bowling, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.

A couple of months ago we went bowling for my nephew's birthday. It was a really fun day out and I took lots of photos of my family. I also couldn't resist taking this picture. Halfway through our session the main lights were turned out and they put these on. I thought it would make a really cool photo so I really hoped I'd be able to pull it off. I think I did OK. I'm a bit annoyed it's slightly wonky but I think that along with graininess I added sort of contributes to the charm of it. After bowling we went to Pizza Hut to stuff our faces. That day I was reminded that I'm rubbish at bowling but very good at eating pizza.


  1. That's cool! When I first saw the small screen shot on my feed it looked like a swimming pool! Awesome x

  2. how cool! You should be able to straighten it in photoshop if you have that. Or iPhoto on Mac's have a basic straighten edit tool as well. That looks awesome!!

  3. This photo brings back so many memories :)

  4. Thanks for your great feedback on this. I wasn't sure if this was actually any good so it's great to hear you like it.


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