Sunday, 11 September 2011

'Chucks - Grösse 26' by pixel boogie

Chucks - Grösse 26 by pixel boogie
Chucks - Grösse 26, a photo by pixel boogie on Flickr.

I know I've recently posted a picture of my new Converse trainers but I couldn't resist posting this one as it's really pretty. I love the colours. I'm not after a pink pair for myself but I can see my daughter being treated to a pair at some point! After all a girl can never have too many shoes. Even if she is still only two years old!

I also love this photo as it reminds me that it doesn't matter if my Converse get messed up a little. They're never going to stay perfect and the lived in look is actually rather cool. I love how this photographer has captured all the little details of this particular pair. Lovely photo for lots of different reason.


  1. Hey there! Thanks a lot! You named it: the great thing about chucks is that they get better the older they get.

    Thanks again for your kind words

  2. Now, when I said I didn't like shoes, I didn't mean these :)

    These are fine!


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