Monday, 3 October 2011

'Arched people' by Miodrag Bogdanovic mitja

I wanted to post this yesterday but the internet wouldn’t let me. Grrr, modern technology.

So.... after a Saturday which was so busy with shopping and then a 3rd birthday party I thought we deserved a chilled out Sunday. I thought it was exhausting just watching a group of toddler’s jumping on a bouncy castle so I have no idea how my daughter worn out my daughter got. Actually, probably not worn out at all knowing her!

Anyway, because we were chilled out in the garden I even managed to find time to sit and read my book in the sunshine. Because I am a bit of a tube/London/walking geek I am currently reading a book called Walk The Lines where the author, Mark Mason, walks the entire length of the London Underground. Told you I was geek but I found I’m finding it fascinating!

As you'd expect I had to accompany this post with a London Underground themed photograph. I love this one because of the composition. I think it looks like it was set up but I’m not sure if it actually was. And you know what I really think it should be? It should so be an album cover. Do you see what I mean? It looks like a an album cover for a really cool band.

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  1. You're right this photo is perfect! Like they are part of it on purpose! The composition is ace! I havent used the word ace for years that's how good this shot is!!!


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