Wednesday, 7 April 2010

'Citrus Lime Splash' by markmyshots

Citrus Lime Splash, originally uploaded by markmyshots.

Alright then, so I won't talk about how lovely the weather is any more. Today wasn't summery, or springy, in fact it was perhaps rather wintery outside. But I believe the weather forecast when it says the next few days will be lovely!

So to change the subject completely...... Isn't this the most refreshing photo you have seen in a long time? I love the colour of the lime and the fact the water is just so clear! And I think the way the water splashing out of the glass has been captured is just fantastic. I really want to take some splashing water photos myself but just can't imagine they would turn out as good as this.


  1. that is sparkling and refreshing to the max! I love this shot! you need a super fast ISO for a quick action snap...freeze it!

    I'm thinking it was you who asked what kind of yarn I used on my knitted dish's 100% cotton....if it wasn't you that asked that, sorry! ooopps! my bad!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  2. This is so awesome! Love the bright green against the white. Very well done!

  3. Hi Carmelina, yes it was me who asked about the dish cloths!


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