Friday, 9 April 2010

'Father and daughter stroll on the beach' by Me

My husband, my daughter and I went to Brighton today and had an absolutely fantastic day! The sun was shining and we walked for miles, shopped for pretty things, ate nice food and played on the beach. I also took LOTS of photos. It was a perfect day!

So here is one of the photos that I love for obvious reasons. I am already planning my next trip down. I have no idea why we don't go more often! I shall post some more of today's photos soon (including beach huts in Hove - yay!).


  1. was a sweet moment! so cute :)

  2. Love this! The sepia treatment makes it extra special.

  3. Beautiful! You captured such a tender moment. So glad to hear you had a lovely time. :)

    Enjoy your weekend!!


  4. Aww, what a charming photo! And how lucky of you to be on Brighton Beach, sigh! Hope your weekend is sunny and relaxing! – g


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