Sunday, 4 April 2010

'Daffodils' by Me

Daffodils, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

Happy Easter!! I hope you've been having a wonderful day and have been able to spend it with the people you love.

I thought I'd post a picture I took of spring flowers. I like it because I think the black background makes it looks rather dramatic. Most spring flower photos I've seen use much brighter colours.

I was also rather impatient taking this photo. I knew if I waited another day all the flowers would be open but the light was right and I really wanted to put some daffodil shots on flickr. I think it worked well though as the one full open flower in the front looks rather effective.


  1. Love it. The large daffodil in front really pulls me in.

  2. There is great depth in this photo. I just love daffodils, they make me happy and smiley. I've currently got 4 vases of them around the house.

  3. Pretty, I love the dark background

  4. Beautiful,
    I love flowers on black or white backgrounds :-)

    Happy Easter to you too :-)


  5. This picture is so beautiful, I love black and yellow together. I'm just starting to get into photography and taking pictures, flowers are my favorite inspiration!

  6. These do look so gorgeous and dramatic with the black did a wonderful job! Thanks so much for the Easter wishes and thanks for stopping by.


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