Thursday, 1 April 2010

'I like lots of pillows when I sleep...' by nbklx17 (Sandy)

This bed just looks so comfy. I bet whoever just got up had a good night's sleep. I love the title of this photo too. Like the photographer I too sleep with too many pillows. I know it's probably bad for my neck but I love a big pile of pillows and a really thick snuggly duvet. I had the best pillow when I was pregnant. It was really long which meant I could wrap my arms and legs round it and rest my bump on it. It was the only way I could get vaguely comfortable. I think my husband was jealous though and wanted one too!

But back to the photo. I love how the photographer has captured the light through the window as you get the feeling of a beautiful morning. I think the whole image looks really relaxed and natural. I bet when they'd finished taking the photo they jumped back in bed for an extra half an hour!


  1. The bed looks like it is still warm even :) Jen.

  2. Pillows do it for me. Love them. Lots and lots. A great image. You have captured the light beautifully

  3. I love having my bed like this!! So much more comfy then a ready made bed! This photo is why I do not make beds! :D

  4. What a gorgeous bedroom. Love the pictures above the bed - I wish it was mine


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