Sunday, 11 April 2010

Curzon Park South in the snow' by Mark Carline

With all the talk of fantastic weather and the celebration of spring finally arriving I thought I would be a bit random tonight and post a photo of the snow. Do you remember that stuff we were moaning about not so long ago? Well in the UK we were anyway! We can look back on it with romantic eyes now. Was it really that bad and inconvenient?

For me this photo captures that excitement of when it falls for the first time at night and you run outside like big kids to have a look. It looks so peaceful and beautiful but you know that by morning the roads will be dangerous and icy, public transport will come to a stand-still and the local shop will have sold out of bread and milk.

I'll make sure I warm you up in my next post with a lovely hot and sunny image!


  1. you're right, the first impression I got was not cold, and danger, it was romance!

    that is a great shot...and I don't mind winter so much, but maybe that's because I work from home and the kids walk down the street to school, so I'm not really facing it! When the weather's nice, I go out, when it's 'dangerous' I don't bother going anywhere and just cocoon inside....

    i'm a homebody anyways!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  2. This is gorgeous and yes, everything does come to a standstill with just a sprinkle of snow!! Jen.

  3. This looks like a postcard. So beautiful!

  4. Lovely photo but it's making me feel cold! Brrrbbrrr!!

  5. I saw these images quite often living in Minnesota, but spring is here yay! Gorgeous pic in any case.

    Thanks you for the sweet comments and following me..Following you also..Hope you visit again :)

  6. Thanks for your sweet comment and this is a beautiful picture, although I am loving the sunshine again and longer days :) xx


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