Friday, 16 April 2010

'Up in sky 2.' by Marili I.

Up in sky 2., originally uploaded by Marili I..

I am loving the lighter evenings as it's really transformed the end of the day. My daughter and I have been waiting for my husband to come home from work so we can all head out for a bit of stroll before bedtime. Sometimes we've just gone round the corner to the local shops, sometimes we take her out on her tricycle and sometimes, like today, we'll wander off to the park for a quick go on the swings and slide. Of course the camera comes too, but I have realised that although I have lots of shots of my little girl enjoying herself in the playground I haven't tried anything arty and creative. I am sure she won't mind if I make her go to the park again tomorrow so I can have a bit of a play with my camera!

The above photo is a perfect example of a creative shot taken of a swing. I am trying to decide whether my favourite bit is the lemon coloured skirt against the bright blue sky - the lovely yellow and blue combination that always works. Or whether I love those wispy white clouds more. Or whether it's the bare feet that make the photo. I'd actually say it's the combination of all of them that makes this a fantastic summer photo.


  1. We had a day like that here today, really lifts the spirits:) Jen.

  2. I adore this photo! Love the colors, the off-centeredness of the subject, and the clouds that look as though painted with a brush. Very, very well done.

  3. My favorite bit is the clouds! :D

  4. This truely is the perfect summer photo!

  5. I love this one too! It's perfectly composed and is more about the moment than the girl.


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