Saturday, 10 April 2010

'Spring is in the air' by Craft & Creativity

Spring is in the air, originally uploaded by Craft & Creativity.

Why doesn't my kitchen look this pretty? The colours are just so lovely and happy. It makes me think that whatever this person cooks it tastes delicious and they never make a mess when cooking either! I can't imagine stacks of washing up waiting to be done either. This photo is great because it's just a small portion of the kitchen but it really make me want to see the rest of it.


  1. Oh those colors are so fun and bright! Great find! You know, you could make your kitchen just as happy as this if you want to. :) And I'm sure they make a huge mess when cooking. That is why they have bright colors to hide the cooking marks... or they go out to eat all the time and just have a kitchen to look at and imagine pretty food on their pretty decor. :) hehe



  2. I love the polka dots and pastel colors. Hooray for spring!

    Happy Weekend! xx

  3. Yes, we do make a lot of mess when cooking... :)

    Thank you for your nice blog post and for noticing my picture.

    All the best
    Helena, Sweden

  4. I want that kitchen! My husband would never let me get away with it though! *lol*


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