Tuesday, 13 April 2010

'{The call of the running tide}' by Doreen Kilfeather

I am featuring this photo simply because it's so dreamy and lovely. I love photos with these vintage tones. The shot is so natural and the girl looks like she's having a great day at the beach. You can tell by the reflection in the water that the sky is blue and her dress says it's lovely hot day. Another reason to say "Roll on summer".


  1. I love photography too!! I love looking at other peoples work; I post alot of my photography on my blog, as well. This is such a pretty photo. Did you take it? I love you're blog, I'm going to follow it! :)

  2. Oh gorgeous! Reminds me of a day I had at the beach over Easter! Beautiful colours!

  3. Hi Regan, glad you love my blog. I will check out yours too. Sadly I didn't take this photo myself. This blog is a mixtute of photos taken by me and by other people because I love looking at other people's work as much as I liken taking photos myself.

  4. I agree with you. Vintage tones and simple images are so appealing to me! Beautiful find!


  5. This is a lovely picture, makes me think of my holidays as a young girl wandering around on beaches near the end of the day while my parents hoped I didn't go too far away!

    Thank you for being my latest follower by the way!


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