Wednesday, 31 March 2010

'Wine At Esplanade' by Skeelogy

Wine At Esplanade, originally uploaded by Skeelogy.

I love this photo because to me it signifies a great night out. Two people hanging out with a fantastic view of the city and bottle of wine to share.

I love the blurry background and the fact that the city lights have become multi-coloured sparkles. But what fascinates me is the fact that image of the cityscape seen through the wine is not blurry (although upside down) so you can see what people holding these glasses can really see.


  1. Its lovely, captures the mood of a great evening:) Jen.

  2. hellooooo I have to say that the Autum song on CBeebies was the best I was continuously humming 'Mellllloooooow fruitfulness' for about 3 months!!! Loved it.

    I think they need to step up their game on the Spring one. It's not so great and not very Springy. I wasn't a CBeebies watcher last year so I don't know if it's the same but it's just not in the same league as Autumn.

    and there you have my professional opinion on the matter. If only someone would pay me for these wonderful insights. ha x

  3. Stunning photo! The bokeh is crazy beautiful!

  4. George's Mum - now I'm singing the autumn one! I liked the summer one too. My daughter loves the winter one but I don't think it's wintery enough. I only started watching Cbeebies around spring last year (yeah because it's me the watches it not my daughter) but I am pretty sure it's the same song! So there you have my professional opinion too! Anyone wondering what the hell I'm on about should visit George's Mum's blog!

    Anyway, photos.......

  5. This photo is amazing,
    makes you want to open a bottle of wine
    and enjoy a tête-à-tête evening -
    Hmmmmm, Friday Night is comin' :-D



  6. Ohhh! Love the colors and that reflection in the glass of the city is awesome! Mmmmm makes me crave some good vino on the town. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Happy April Fools!


  7. the most incredible view of the world, through a glass of wine! lol
    it really is a stunning photo!

    and I thank you for stopping by and leaving your comments! I think I plan in my sleep, and execute in my wakeful hours....simple, right!

    ciao bella
    always creative
    always carmelina


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