Monday, 27 May 2013

'On the beach' by Me

On the beach by PhotoPuddle
On the beach, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.

Now I have two children I realise that I have to make an extra special effort to spend quality time with each of them on their own. My daughter will be starting school full time in September so I am sure my son and I will get up to all sorts of fun things then. I am sad though that I will be seeing much less of my little girl during the day so I want to make sure we have as many mummy and daughter dates as we can. We did great on that front this weekend. On Saturday night I had a sleepover in her room. We stayed up late and made jewellery, made bookmarks, painted our toenails, read books, read comics and played on the iPad. And most importantly we had sleepover snacks in the form of popcorn and biscuits. It was really fun. I am sure we'll do it again soon! And then today we went off together for a drink and a slice of cake at a lovely little coffee shop in town and then did a spot of shopping in the sunshine.

Here is a lovely summery picture I took of my little girl nearly three years ago. I can't believe it when I say three years! I guess my little girl is starting to become my big girl. She'll always be my little best friend though.

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