Wednesday, 22 May 2013

'35 SP & MEXICAN COKE' by La Brancaro

35 SP & MEXICAN COKE by La Branĉaro
35 SP & MEXICAN COKE, a photo by La Branĉaro on Flickr.

My daughter and I were on a mission today. We spent ages in two shops looking for those special promotional Coca Cola bottles with our names on. We didn't find either of them though. Or any of our family in fact. I don't know why it suddenly became so important to us. My daughter was especially gutted and she doesn't even drink coke or any fizzy drinks for that matter! Perhaps we'll go to a bigger supermarket later in the week. I don't think our quest is over yet!

And to go with my mad rambling about coke bottles with names here is a very lovely photo of some Coca Cola and a camera. I like it because it's a really chilled out image. I am imagining this was taken on a lazy Sunday afternoon and the photographer was having a quick refreshing drink before heading off to take pretty pictures!

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