Wednesday, 15 May 2013

'Redcar I' by Jeff Teasdale

Redcar I by Jeff Teasdale
Redcar I, a photo by Jeff Teasdale on Flickr.

I am sad because my little girl is ill right now. It's nothing serious, just chicken pox but it breaks my heart to see her suffering. I also know that it's extremely likely that my little boy will get it too in the next couple of weeks and that is stressing me out. I guess it's good though that he'll get it out the way so young.

This photograph sums up how I am feeling right now. I feel very grey and miserable. I love the fact that in the darkness of this picture there are those really bright chairs. The brightness in my situation is that all this time at home has meant lots of walking practice for my son. I pretty much think I can call him a walker now as he gets most places on foot - sometimes holding on to things sometimes not.

Hope you're having a better week than me!


  1. This post just goes to show how powerful images can be at telling stories - love that shot. Hope your daughter feels back to normal soon x

    1. Thanks. She seems to have been far less itchy today which is great poor thing. Just need all those spots scabbed over now.

  2. Sorry to hear about the pox! Hope she's better soon and not too itchy. Horrid when they're ill, isn't it? Amazing picture though, the contrast is incredible.


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