Saturday, 11 May 2013


gerbera, a photo by KUMIKO SEKIGUCHI on Flickr.

We've had a very productive weekend so far and the loft was indeed tackled. We've actually given it a really good sort out. The main focus of today was all the baby things we won't be needing again. We've now decided on what we want to try and sell, what we'll give away and what just needed to go straight to the textiles bin at the local tip (my daughter had a rather sicky stage when she was a baby). It's funny I thought I would be really sad going through baby clothes but I wasn't. I guess I am just enjoying watching my children growing up so much that I don't really miss the tiny baby stage. The thing that I wasn't able to say goodbye to just yet though was the maternity clothes. I really don't know why as I hated being pregnant. I mean I was incredibly happy to be pregnant both times and I felt so privileged but being pregnant was really not something that suited me. I thought I would skip around in a pregnant glow but instead I just felt so incredibly awful. I guess the maternity clothes for me a just a reminder of what I did. I've never really felt like a great achiever in life but being pregnant and giving birth to two amazing children has actually made me feel proud of something I've done. I'm going to end this blog post here before I start getting too soppy. Here is a wonderful Polaroid picture. I would love to be able to take instant pictures like this. I am going to blame my cameras. Perhaps I need a new one!

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