Friday, 3 May 2013

'laundry day' by Suzi Marshall

laundry day by Suzi Marshall
laundry day, a photo by Suzi Marshall on Flickr.

Well my aim of posting every day in May hasn't started well as I didn't get a chance to yesterday. I always seem to be so busy but never seem to actually achieve anything. I feel like I am constantly catching up with things. Catching up with housework, with emails, with blog posts, even with programmes on my Sky+ box. It hasn't helped this week that we were away for a few days then I got sick so I am behind on so much. The house is a mess which really gets me down and I am sad because I've not had a chance to practice the crochet that I waited for so long to learn. Hopefully, I can get on top of my endless to do list soon. In the mean time here is a pretty picture of laundry as being able to hang the washing up outside this week has made me smiley. It's the little things! I love this photograph as you can almost smell the freshness. It was taken on a sunny day in winter and I think you can tell just by looking at it that it wasn't taken in summer. It's still a sunny day but you can tell the light is some how different.

Hope you've had a good week and a have super fantastic weekend - especially if you've got a long bank holiday weekend like we have in the UK.

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  1. Oh it is horrible when you feel so overwhelmed like that. I know that feeling so well.

    I see you have had a lovely bank holiday weekend so that is great.

    I was going to suggest that you do something like tidy and clean for 30 minutes and when it is done reward yourself with 30 minutes crochet time. I find that even 30 minutes of something that I want to do as opposed to something I feel I have to do really gives me a boost and means that I do feel refreshed and more enthusiastic about getting on with that to do list afterward.


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