Sunday, 5 May 2013

'Again, be careful to make a good improvement of precious time. David Brainerd' by Joke Gaasendam

So how's your weekend been? Socially mine has been really good. Cocktails out with the girls last night, a 5th birthday party today and friends are coming over to ours for a barbecue tomorrow. The ever increasing to do list however doesn't appear to be getting any shorter. I think I might just have to start writing things like "have a shower" and "eat dinner" on it just so I can cross them out afterwards and feel like I've achieved something! Tonight I really have to dedicate some time to tackling all the thank you notes I have to write for my son's birthday presents. Therefore I just have time to tell you I think this photo is lovely. I love flowers being displayed simply like this. And I love tulips. I think I need more tulips in my life now spring is here.

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