Thursday, 19 January 2012

'Winter Wonderland' by famewhore

Winter Wonderland by Famewhore
Winter Wonderland, a photo by Famewhore on Flickr.

As I type this I am looking out of the window at a very grey day. It's rainy and miserable. It not actually that cold outside but I would prefer it to be cold and sunny than this. I wanted to talk about the weather today as I was wondering if anyone knew if it was meant to snow here in England this winter. As I've mentioned before I'm not overly fussed but the little one is starting to wonder if it's coming at all. Plus I am feeling sad for all our snow shoes sitting in the cupboard unloved and unworn.

Here is a beautiful snowy picture. I love freshly fallen snow like this. This was taken in Vancouver but it is so much like the snow we get here that causes everyone to panic! A photo like this gives me a tingle of excitement about snow and I know if I drew the curtains one morning to reveal this my daughter would be excited too. What I really love about this picture though is the street lamp in the top left corner. It really looks like a beautiful shining star.

Now let's just sit back and wait for snow so I can then blog about how annoying it is and how I can't wait for it to go away!!

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