Friday, 27 January 2012

'...& her heart fluttered like a thousand butterflies...' by jewelflyt

I thought I'd give you a quick pregnancy update today seeing as I have now reached the third trimester. I am feeling pretty good at the moment. Tired and achy but I guess that's to be expected however good or bad the pregnancy. To be honest I just feel really, really huge even though I don't look it. I do wonder if the little one is getting a little uncomfy in there already. I'm still being sick when I get up in the morning but haven't got the constant nausea I had with my daughter - thank goodness. In fact so far this pregnancy has been easier than the first time around and here's hoping there aren't any nasty surprises waiting round the corner in trimester three. Now all I have to do is focus on trying to make sure the birth is so much better than last time as well! Easier said than done eh!

Here's a picture which has nothing whatsoever to do with pregnancy, I just think it's so delicate and beautiful. It's really all about the little details such as the texture of the wings or what the butterfly's legs are doing. The soft colours are also so subtle and gorgeous.

Happy weekend to all you lovely people.


  1. Awe you're just lovely and so positive and the photo is just perfect. Yay! 3rd trimester happiness. Xx

  2. So lovely to read an update from you. I need to write one myself - it's long overdue!
    Glad to hear you are feeling well. You're so lucky, I'm having a rough time of it this pregnancy compared to what it was like with MC. I just seem to be ill all the time!
    p.s. Gorgeous picture too :)

  3. Exciting! The sickness - ughhh - remember that. All sorts of theories I bet, perhaps a boy? Is it still a secret :) Happy 3rd trimester xx


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