Tuesday, 31 January 2012

'Blanche et pure' by mmarsupilami

Blanche &<span class=
Blanche et pure, a photo by mmarsupilami on Flickr.

My goodness it was cold here today. It even had a go at snowing although didn't quite manage it. Apparently we may get proper snow by the weekend though. Better fish out my snow boots then. Although that might be a good idea anyway as it turns out Converse shoes (which I've been living in recently) aren't a particularly warm choice of footwear. Thinking about it I reckon so far we've got away with quite a mild winter so I am sure we're long overdue some snow and ice.

Here is a snowy photo that simply took my breath away. I love the pureness and simplicity. There's not much to it but it still manages to make such a great impact. I would describe this as simply stunning.

Stay warm folks!


  1. Heh, can I ask you to be also member of m blog, here : http://www.mmarsup.blogspot.com/
    Thanks in advance!!!

  2. Such a beautiful photo. love the simplicity.


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