Monday, 2 January 2012

'Roses' by Grant Hamilton

Roses by Grant Hamilton
Roses, a photo by Grant Hamilton on Flickr.

Well I finally had a play with my new Polaroid camera today and I loved it. I only took two shots as I didn't want to waste the exposures but I've a feeling I might get rather hooked and start spending a fortune on film! The first picture was rubbish to be honest with you. It was of a scrabble board but it was out of focus and my daughter put her thumb on the picture as it was developing and it ruined it anyway. The second was a picture her and it was great! Sadly I can't share this with you as I don't like to feature her face here so I'll show you another lovely Polaroid picture not taken by me.

I think this is beautiful. I love the contrast of the red and the turquoise - two of my favourite colours. Taken with a different camera this could have had a completely different feel to it. It could have been really bright and sharp but because it's Polaroid it's a bit more warm and fuzzy which is just as awesome.

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