Monday, 9 January 2012

'[012/365] ~ A bike of Roses' by ♥ Huo Zen ♥

My post tonight is going to have to be a big apology to my dearest blog. I can't believe I forgot our two year blogoversary this weekend. It was on Saturday and not only did I forget I didn't even post that day. It's funny because over Christmas it kept popping into my mind that I'd been blogging for two years and I thought it was quite exciting. I can't believe it's been two whole years now. Hobby's often come and go with me but this has been something that I've never grown tired of. And reading other people's blogs is just as important as writing my own. I really feel I've got to "know" some amazing and inspirational people through blogging.

Therefore I thought my photo today should be of a big bunch of flowers to say sorry to my lovely blog for forgetting such an important date. While looking for the perfect picture I stumbled across this one. I think it's great. I guess the reality of it is that it's some kind of flower retailer or supplier but I've made up my own story behind it. I like to think that there was a boyfriend out there who was feeling really guilty about something (forgetting an anniversary perhaps) and is trying to say sorry in a rather overly romantic way! I wonder just how many roses there are there in there.


  1. Happy 2nd bloggy birthday! Great pic.
    I just celebrated my 1st year of blogging a few days before yours!

  2. Yeah happy 2nd year hunni !! I too have found some lovely readers whom I treasure ( consider yourself in that list )
    lovely shot of the flowers.... red roses, my absolute fave !
    Jennie. x


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