Thursday, 5 January 2012

'"Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life." ~unknown~' by IslandPhotoBug~Cori

I've been having a good old clear out recently and I must admit it feels rather good. I've had so much stuff to sort through. That included my shoes and I even - shock horror - got rid of a few pairs. Now, whilst doing this clear out I realised that I no longer own a fabulous pair of red shoes. Criminal! Everyone should own a fabulous pair of red shoes. I used to have some red boots that I loved but they broke and I did have some great red party shoes but I must have put them away damp or something as when I opened the box they kind of looked a little mouldy. I do have quite a nice pair of red flats but they hardly count as fabulous.

I think I need to purchase myself a pair of shoes a little bit like the ones in this photo. I think this is a great picture. Not only are the shoes wonderful and very striking but I love how this is composed. The shoes standing on some very plain work office type boxes make are a great contrast. To me it conjours up an image of someone at work in a very sensible black suit but making a statement by wear these bright red shoes with it. Fabulous!!


  1. I have more red shoes than any other colour and they never, ever fail to make me happy. Especially red patent shoes!

  2. I don't own a pair of red shoes....sigh! You've got me thinking though.

    BTW...thanks for your visit and comment. It's always nice to find new blogs to enjoy and I've sure enjoyed visiting yours.


  3. I was just looking at some towering heels in a shop today, I was so tempted even though they are completely impractical, especially with a bump. There is something about red shoes though.


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