Wednesday, 5 October 2011

'207/365' by F3NRICH

207/365 by F3NRICH
207/365, a photo by F3NRICH on Flickr.

I was thinking two things this evening as I went to post on my blog. Firstly, I could do with some more bright colours on here and secondly, I really fancy a jaffa cake. So ta-da here is a perfect photo for covering both of these thoughts.

I love the bright sparkly pink bokeh. I also think it’s very imaginative. I mean why would you think to push googly eyes into some jaffa cakes and take a photo? But it turns out to be a great idea. It made me smile anyway.

Oh well, can’t sit around here talking about jaffa cakes when I could be eating some. I’ve got a real thing about them at the moment. And the best thing about them is that according to the box they’re only 46 calories each! That’s practically a health food! Oh and the orangey bit has to count towards one of your five-a-day surely.

And may I please ask that no one be clever and comment here saying that they’re actually really bad for you. Please let me enjoy my chocolate treats in complete denial!!


  1. Oh how I laughed! So kitsch, love it, love it!

  2. haha I LOVE this shot! Love it! Actually I'm not kiiding I read somewhere that Jaffa cakes are pretty good for you. The jelly part gives you energy or something!


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