Tuesday, 11 October 2011

'Breakfast 11.26.08' by C. Strife

Breakfast 11.26.08 by C. Strife
Breakfast 11.26.08, a photo by C. Strife on Flickr.

Last week I really fancied a fast food breakfast so I had one at Burger King. Sadly it really didn't live up to my expectations and it has left me really craving a McDonalds breakfast. I know that will hit the spot and this photo isn't really helping matters. I think I might be drooling. I like this particular breakfast photo because of the lighting and the tone of it. It really reminds me of getting a sneaky early morning McMuffin on my way out for the day somewhere. I'll let you know when I do end up getting my desired sausage and eggs McMuffin, hashbrown and orange juice. Mmmmm...


  1. Oh how could you do this to me!!! I LOVE sausage and egg Mcmuffins and the Mcdonalds here don't do breakfast! :( I'm now drooling over the keyboard!

  2. Oh Emma, I can't believe you can't get McMuffins in Cyprus. That's terrible. You must move back to Britain immediately! LOL!!


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