Friday, 28 October 2011

'Little Pumpkin With Fallen Orange Autumn Leaves' by D Sharon Pruitt

Well here ends our first half term at pre-school and you know what it’s been a wonderful week. My daughter and I have been really busy going out and about and also spending some quality time with each other. We also got to spend time with friends we don’t see as often as we used to simply because all our children are at different pre-schools at different times so our weekly timetables are just so different.

The highlight of the week must have been a trip to the local fire station. It was a really interesting visit and it’s always fun climbing in a fire engine and spraying water with huge hoses!

I picked this photo for you tonight as it’s just the most autumny, orangy, halloweeny photo I could find. What a fantastic burst of colour. I love those little pumpkins as they’re just really cute.

Hope whether you’ve been on half term or not you’ve had a great week and have an even more fantastic weekend.


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