Wednesday, 26 October 2011

'Bangkok in a rainy day HDR' by fturoy

Bangkok in a rainy day HDR by fturoy
Bangkok in a rainy day HDR, a photo by fturoy on Flickr.

Well it rained lots today. I don't mind too much though. In general this autumn has been rather lovely weatherwise. It's been quite warm and dry really. I love that I haven't had any expectations for the weather when it come to autumn. I'll wear a jacket for example and be really pleased when it gets too warm and I have to take it off.

This is a fantastic rainy day photo. I love how the rain just looks relentless and so heavy but people are just carrying on as normal. I don't know much about the weather in Bangkok but I am presuming it was hot too when this was taken. The rain has been captured so well and I almost feel I should be putting my umbrella up. Great photo.


  1. I've heard a lot on twitter that it's been a rainy day today but we've escaped with only a light shower this afternoon.

    What a superb photo! I love being in a hot country when there's a severe downpour like that.

  2. That's an amazing photo. My Auntie went there a couple of years ago (alone and in her 60's).
    She's dotty! She was telling me about the rain and how it just pours down making rivers in the roads - she said she just had to take her shoes off and go for a paddle - told you she was dotty!

  3. It's a wonderful picture and so vibrant. I half expect it to come to life and the people start singing. x


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