Friday, 7 October 2011

'simple abundance' by freeplaylife

simple abundance by freeplaylife
simple abundance, a photo by freeplaylife on Flickr.

I can't believe I was kicking leaves in flip flops complaining it was too hot on Monday. Autumn has now arrived! It's not too cold right at the moment but I know I'll be needing my gloves soon. I'd better dig them out this weekend so I can keep them to hand. (To "hand", gloves, get it?, LOL, I'll get my coat.....)

Anyway, here's a lovely photo of someone wrapped up in their gloves. I feel all warm and snuggly just looking at this. The soft colours make this a very warm photo even though I bet it was very cold when it was taken. I also really like the detail of the snowflakes that have landed.

Have a happy and warm weekend everyone!


  1. See, this is why you should never complain about being too hot... you should know by now it won't last and then you'll miss it ;)

  2. I love the feeling of crossing out another day on my christmas calendar. The whimsical feeling of snow, cracking fires and Andrea Bocelli singing some old christmas songs!

  3. i forgot to add: *is such a wonderful feeling*
    I'm so sorry for my horrible typing.


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