Wednesday, 19 October 2011

'Day 29: 20 Stops' by Steve Moraco

Day 29: 20 Stops by Steve Moraco
Day 29: 20 Stops, a photo by Steve Moraco on Flickr.

This image really demonstrates how photographs can be rather deceptive sometimes. When I saw this I actually gave a little sigh and thought what a lovely place to work. I'd love a space like that to be work and be creative in. The lighting in this is just so bright and airy. I love the flowers in front of the window and the pictures and books on the shelves. And what a lovely green view out of the window. But then I took a second look. Hang on, that's not exactly the beautiful view I thought I was looking at. It's actually a big apartment building covered in graffiti. And in front of that another not so pretty urban building of some kind. So perhaps the reality is that although room itself looks rather nice, this isn't such a relaxing and peaceful place to work. I still think this is a gorgeous photo though!


  1. You're cute! I think the photo is great..and if you're an urbanite...then it's a wonderful scene....but I like the inside inspirations!

    thanks for your visits....I love hearing from you!
    ciao bella

    Creative CArmelinA

  2. Haha. Thank you for the kind words!

    In case you're more curious of context, it was taken out of the 3rd floor middle window of the white building here:
    You can look across the street in google maps to see the building you talk about.

    Fun fact from the artist: I'm actually not that big a fan of this photo, I think the color balance turned out horrendous, but it gets more attention than I ever expected on Flickr. I guess I can't complain! It was for a school project :P


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