Tuesday, 30 November 2010

'Snowy tree' by Me

Snowy tree, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

So it finally snowed in my part of the country. It wasn't a lot of snow but more is apparently on it's way. The best thing about it though was just how super excited my little girl was about it! I decided when we went out today that I wasn't going to go home until I had something on my camera that I could post on my blog tonight. Here is the result. What do you think? I always think that trees make an interesting subject for a photo. On this tree I like how it there was just a thin layer of snow on every branch. I wish there had been bright blue skies today but it was actually rather a grey day so I made this black and white for extra impact. I am sure there will be a lot more snow this winter so I'll make sure I try to get some more snowy pictures over the next few months.


  1. Nooooo, well ok, it is a gorgeous photo and yes, I am a big tree lover so really appreciate it. It's just the snow bit, have been snowed in a few days now and a girl can only take so much!! Jen

  2. Trees look so grand with snow on them and I think are perfect in B&W or monotome

  3. seems like it's snowing everywhere except here when we're known for our crazy winters ... but i'm not complaining, i'm not big on snow or winter! BUT ... your photo is so artistic. very organic and totally draws me in. can't wait to see more winter photos from you!

  4. Wonderful textures and patterns in this. I hope you are enjoying the snow!


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