Wednesday, 24 November 2010

'My daughter the photographer' by Me (well it's my camera but it was actually taken by my little girl)

My daughter the photographer, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

This morning while my daughter and I were still in our PJs I decided I wanted to photograph the shoes I wore out on Friday night simply because I love them. Yes, I know it's Wednesday and I should have put them away by now. But anyway, I didn't get a lot of photographs taken as my two-year-old decided she rather be wearing them herself. She loves shoes - I've trained her well.

She also really wanted a go with my nice camera which I don't usually let her touch but today I decide to let her. It's quite a heavy camera for her obviously but she managed a couple of shots of me and some of her feet when she was sitting on my lap. When looking through the photos later this one really caught my eye. I think it's lovely. I haven't edited in any way either. This is exactly how it came out of the camera.

A toddler's eye view of her feet whilst sitting on mummy's lap learning about photography. It couldn't be more perfect!


  1. That is lovely. Don't children always have lovely feet too (is that sounding a bit strange?). Jen

  2. i couldnt agree more, its perfect!
    a photographer in the making i see.

  3. Yes, it is lovely – charming!

  4. that's a lovely shot, your little one has an eye! x

  5. That's lovely and made even cuter by her learning to use the camera so young!! Sweet!


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