Wednesday, 3 November 2010

'Tower Bridge' by Me

Tower Bridge, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

Yesterday I wrote about how I would love a trip to Paris purely for photographic reasons. However, I was reminded by TheMadHouse that London is a fantastic place for photos and luckily it's a place I am able to visit quite often. In fact we went there for a day trip just this weekend. We did a lot of walking (the London Underground's fault for closing so much of the line), saw lots of touristy things and also went to The Natural History Museum which my daughter loved! Although I did start to feel rather uneducated when she pointed at so many things asking "What's that Mummy?". I didn't have a bloody clue most of the time!

Anyway, enough chatter, here is one of the photos I took. I really wanted to get a shot of Tower Bridge which was a little bit different and I think this has come out quite well. We were really lucky with the weather as we were walking over the bridge so the sky was lovely and blue. It rained later but that didn't matter it just made for some moody sky shots when we got to the museum.


  1. That could be a postcard, a really GREAT one :) Jen

  2. Love the cloud formations and the lighting, great pic

  3. What a great shot--love the perspective!

  4. Love it, I felt real homesick for a second there (then I realised the sky wouldn't be that colour for long!)

  5. great shot of tower iconic symbol captured slightly differently gives it a new interest don't you think?!

    beautiful crisp blue sky and the lovely white/grey stone...

    our three kiddos loved the natural history museum too...and yes i felt a bit bloody hopeless at times to...tee hee...ahhh the role of a parent...!!

    melissa x

  6. Wow, that blue sky didn't make it to my part of London, lovely shot!
    Apparently there's a bar in one of the 'legs' of Tower bridge, always meant to go.


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