Monday, 15 November 2010

'bookmarks.' by indierocket

bookmarks., originally uploaded by indierocket.

I like this photo for two reasons. Firstly, it’s a great photo. I think if I'd seen this box of bookmarks I'd have wanted to take a picture of them too. There are so many colours in this shot but it is still so subtle. It makes me really want to see all the different pictures used on the bookmarks as they look like great photos too!

And secondly, I used to collect bookmarks when I was a child so it makes me feel like trying to find where the hell I put them all. I used to mainly collect the leather ones you buy at touristy places. I had loads of them! I kind of wish I still collected them now as I see them everywhere we visit and always wistfully think that would be good for my collection.

It's quite strange that I now don't actually use posh bookmarks at all. My books usually have train tickets, scraps of paper or free bookmarks from book shops sticking out of them.

Do you have anything you've collected for years? Is it more exciting than bookmarks?


  1. Time for you to start up your bookmark collection again!! Love this pic, the perfect way to display them.xx

  2. I love this, I love bookmarks too. I have a tendency to buy them but don't have time to read these days so just have to keep them out of the reach of the children (who chew them, the pups) until I get the time:) Jen

  3. My sister in law collects leather bookmarks, has done since childhood and has just carried on!
    I collected novelty rubbers (erasers!) and badges for years but I sold them all before we moved.

    I'm now wondering what random things Leo will want to collect as he gets older!


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